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Ryan Specialty

Pat Ryan and Tim Turner on The Voice of Insurance Podcast

Ryan Specialty Group Founder, Chairman & CEO Pat Ryan and RT Specialty Chairman & CEO Tim Turner have now both appeared on The Voice of Insurance podcast with Mark Geoghegan. Take a moment to listen to their respective episodes for their insights into the state of the insurance industry. The episode links and descriptions are below.

Pat Ryan: Build a Business People are Proud to Work For
Published October 6th, 2020

"Pat has bought and grown hundreds of businesses, and this encounter proves beyond any doubt that he does this by putting people at ease and in a place of complete trust.

In short, he knew how to get the best out of me and he did just that, in the same way he has been doing throughout his career.

The result is easily the best interview of The Voice of Insurance series so far and one that I think will stand the test of time for many years to come."



- Mark Geoghegan

Tim Turner: This is Not a Re-run of 85-86
Published October 20th, 2020

"Tim Turner is the T in RT Specialty—one of the largest and probably soon to be the largest wholesale broker in the biggest wholesale insurance market in the world.

Given the size and scale of RT Specialty and the wider RSG Group, his view of the market can’t be bettered.

18 months after our first meeting, all of Tim’s predictions have come to pass, and that is why I was really happy to be able to get a follow-up with him for The Voice of Insurance.

He’s also great company and buzzing with energy. I highly recommend a listen to what he has to say."


- Mark Geoghegan