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Ryan Specialty

R.I.S.E. to the Occasion: Increasing Diversity in Risk Management and Insurance

Ryan Specialty recognizes that the workforce talent in the insurance industry is not as diverse as it needs to, and should, be. And to that end, we wanted you to be aware of the effort that is underway by great organizations like Fisk University and the Spencer Educational Foundation and of the action Ryan Specialty is taking to bring more diversity to our great industry.

Ryan Specialty is very proud to have joined a unique and powerful collaborative strategy with Fisk University and the R.I.S.E. Opportunity Foundation (R.I.S.E.), which is a part of the Ryan Family Foundation. R.I.S.E. is dedicated to making a major impact on increasing diversity in the risk management and insurance (RMI) industry through promoting the recruitment, training, and placement of underrepresented members of our society throughout all levels of the commercial insurance industry workforce. The starting place of this effort is the establishment of an RMI training, mentoring, and internship program for underrepresented students at select high schools and historically black colleges and universities. We believe that through these efforts we can make a lasting impact towards attracting more diverse talent to our industry while also positively impacting the life opportunities and trajectories of these young people.

In Humble Gratitude

We are humbled and proud to share that Ryan Specialty's work with the R.I.S.E. Opportunity Foundation was named the Diversity & Inclusion Initiative of the Year at Business Insurance's 2021 U.S. Insurance Awards. Congratulations to R.I.S.E. CEO Patrick Phillips, Vice President Maurice Macklin and everyone who has helped launch R.I.S.E. over the past year.