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RT Transportation

Complete Submissions Matter!

Complete submission information up front can help avoid delays, expedite the quoting process, and increase our chance of success. Inaccurate or incomplete submissions can lead to inaccurate indications and quotes. It can also lead to E&O issues for the agent.


Submission Requirements
For the best success when completing a submission, you must include all required applications, and they must be complete with accurate information:

  • Completed quick quote application or known carrier truck application with limits / coverage (not an Acord form)
  • Vehicle schedule - year, make, VIN, power unit type, trailer type, and stated value if physical damage coverage is desired
  • Loss runs - 5 years currently valued within last 60 days.
  • Driver schedule - including date of birth, drivers license state and number, number of years experience driving similar equipment, date of hire, and company owned vs owner operator breakdown
  • IFTA’s – most recent 4 quarters
  • MVR’s – currently valued within last 60 days

Fleet Requirements
For submissions for Fleet coverage,11+ power units, you must include the requirements above, plus the following:

  • Application - Must have known carrier truck application, quick quote applications not accepted
  • Narrative - describing recent or planned operation changes, loss performance and management experience
  • Loss runs - must include prior 5 years currently valued loss runs within 60 days, some carriers will accept 90 days (a 5 year loss summary is helpful and will expedite the quoting process)
  • Financial statements - if available
  • Historical account info – 5 years of annual mileage, revenue and unit counts

Other Helpful Tips

  • Download RT Trucking Application here. This application is accepted by all major carriers
  • Have you included all of the required information
  • Double check your information - complete, accurate information will expedite the quoting process.

Why Complete Submissions Matter
Today, a significant percentage of our cleared submissions are closed, with no ability to move forward because they are incomplete. Following these requirements above will help establish a consistent best practices to reduce incomplete submissions. This will also allow RT Specialty underwriters and brokers to focus on critical opportunities and improve agents experience by addressing the most viable business.