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Posts about Workers' Comp:


Lapse in Coverage

A short-term lapse in workers' compensation coverage can trigger long-term consequences. When insureds expose their employees to uncovered injuries, they expose themselves financial penalties, litigation...

RT Specialty workers' compensation deductible plans

Deductible Q&A Overview

Since deductibles are essentially a form of risk sharing, it is important to understand a client's risk tolerance. Workers' Compensation deductible plans offer benefits to both insureds and carriers, but...

RT Specialty's Workers' Compensation Payroll Reporting options

Payroll Reporting Q&A

Payroll reporting can be a great option for any business with fluctuating payroll, and for seasonal businesses that generate varying amounts of payroll during particular times of the year. Common...

RT Specialty Workers' Compensation Waivers of Subrogation overview

Waivers of Subrogation Q&A

A Waiver of Subrogation is often required by contract. Although it may be tempting to “check the box” because it is required by the insured’s general contractor or it expires on their current policy, it...